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ThermaSoft is very easy to care for and if you follow these care instructions, your linens will stay in very good condition for many years.


We suggest you use a non-bio detergent that does not contain whitening agents or bleach. Detergent should be loaded into your washing machine’s internal dispenser drawer to prevent it clinging to the fabric. Ensure you do not overload the washing machine and turn duvet covers & pillow cases inside out before washing to help maintain the softness of the fabric.


The high performance levels of modern detergents mean there is no longer any need to boil wash fabric. Because the ThermaSoft fabric is both moisture & stain resistant an energy-saving (30 degree) cool wash is suggested for best feel and appearance.


A warm (40 degree) wash can be used if linens have been subjected to higher than normal levels of dirt or dust.

You can tumble dry on the gentle cycle but note that this bedding dries very quickly when hung to air dry.


ThermaSoft bedding never requires ironing – in fact, a hot iron could permanently mark the fabric. Just give this linen a shake for a smooth wrinkle-free finish


Please Note:

- Do not use bleach or fabric softener

- Do not dry clean

- Do not iron

- Do not wash with other textiles as colour may bleed



For safety, always keep fabrics away from open flame